There Are Consequences For Being A Bigot

Earlier this week prominent star of hit TV Show Duck Dynasty was suspended for coarse and odious remarks about homosexual people.
This has precipitated an outcry from Conservatives claiming “Christians are under attack” and that “freedom of speech is dead”.

As if we needed more evidence of people’s gross misunderstanding of freedom of speech.
No one is impeding this man’s freedom of speech; as an individual he can spout whatever drivel he likes without fear of government intervention.
But freedom of speech does not mean freedom from retribution; so as he has the freedom to utter drivel, his employers who don’t want to be seen condoning such behaviour have the freedom to reprimand or expunge him from their organisation.

Are Christians under attack? No, however they do not live in a time of unmitigated privilege anymore. A belief in God is generally innocuous but when religious beliefs escalate to archaic views like believing “homosexuals are sinners” and “abortion is murder” it warrants admonishment as views like these are insidious and demonstrably harm people.

Lastly, it is incumbent on anyone with such clout to be judicious with their public speech, as this kind of hateful bile could influence an impressionable kid to do bad, or even inflict even more suffering on the 13 year old homosexual child who is victimised by bullying in school.
And if they do state something as repulsive as this, it’s the moral obligation of the public or media to denounce them, as failure to do so just perpetuates and enables this deplorable behaviour.