Murray earns legendary status at SW19


A year ago Andy Murray had a heart-wrenching defeat at Wimbledon, many were apprehensive about his future prospects, many assumed this loss would be too difficult to overcome, but on the contrary. The defeat invigorated Murray, and a year on he is an Olympic champion, and a two time grand slam winner.
Even his most fervent fans couldn’t have envisioned that, but Murray isn’t just an exceptional tennis player; his mental toughness is what makes him an outstanding champion.
Indeed most would have succumbed to the negativity after last season; most would have thrown in the towel but not Murray. He knew that although Federer defeated him, he could compete with the big three. Despite the devastating loss it emboldened him.

I’ve been watching Murray since 2007. I always knew he had the temperament and mental fortitude to accomplish this. That’s why I find it so vexatious when people claim he is a bottler. He’s not, but for years he just didn’t have the adequate fitness to compete with the big three. He’s put a lot of emphasis on his fitness in the last two years and hired a coach Ivan Lendl which has been instrumental to his ameliorated self-belief and it’s paid dividends. He’s now earned legendary status in the game, and boy is it warranted.

There are two types of men in the world: Some which adversity causes them to break; others which adversity causes them to break records. Murray is clearly the latter and after his achievements in the last year, that is incontrovertible.