An Auspicious Start For The PS4


Console Gaming is dead! That was the myopic proclamation from some analysts not too long ago.
But inevitably their drivel has been falsified.
In news that would strain credulity the PS4 has launched to staggering sales, 1 Million in the first day to be exact.
This is unprecedented in the history of gaming and may have profound implications within the market.
Just to give you some perspective and the disparity, here is a graph of sales of other console launches relative to the PS4.


The reason this news is salient is because of the impact it will have on console games.
Investors will be a lot more amenable upon seeing such resounding figures, and this combined with the unparalleled GTA V sales just solidifies the premise that console gaming still plays an integral part in the recreational life of many.
Both will incentivise developers to allocate copious amounts of resources to development because if they get it right they will reap the colossal rewards as evidenced by GTA V; A game that was in development for at least 5 years, but that considerable amount of time was vindicated by the tremendous income they accumulated.

Gaming for a long time was considered this niche market, but now its customer base is markedly more diverse.
Expect to see a proliferation of console games in the next year or two; it’s never been a better time to be an avid gamer