GTA Online redefines online gaming


Mesmerising, unfathomable, extraordinary, profound, those are just a few superlatives to describe the dynamic open world of GTA Online. From death matches, to diverse races, to enthralling missions, to parachuting, there’s a vast array of entertainment and it provides an abundance of fun.
Unlike GTA single player, you’ll rarely find yourself bored by monotony, while the map is monotonous the experiences are not.
One of my criticisms of GTA single player was the lack of diversity on the map, but in GTA online it’s just not as glaringly obvious due to the innumerable activities you can partake in.
Cash and Ranking takes on an integral role in GTA Online, with many enjoyable items being unlocked as you rank up but it can be laborious and addictive so proceed with caution.

GTA Online begins a few months before the events that unfold in GTA single player. First you choose your character using the character creation mechanism.
Many have voiced their complaints about the tediousness of it, and I’m inclined to agree, instead of the conventional way of choosing skin type, facial features, and body shape etc you’re confined to only choosing by heritage. These values include your Mom’s Mother, Mom’s Father, Dad’s Mother, Dad’s Father, and how much you resemble each.
While it may sound more sophisticated it’s really not, it feels like a constraint and it’s abjectly cumbersome.
One of the major criticisms of GTA single player was its omission of a female protagonist but there’s no such issue in Online.






Apartments & Garages: Purchasable apartments were sorely missed in GTA single player, but GTA Online has no such issues.
There is a various amount of apartments ranging from austere to lavish but while the views are breathtaking unfortunately the interiors are humdrum.
In saying that though the lavish apartments are contemporary and elegant so I’d be willing to forgive Rockstar for the lack of variety.
Garages also come with your apartment and range from confined to colossally spacious.
The maximum amount of cars you can store in the most expensive ones is 10 which for me is more than enough, but it would be advisable for Rockstar to allow users to purchase more garages in the future, because there are some sublime cars in this game.

DeathMatches: Probably the most enjoyable feature in the game for me is Death Matches, (which may be disconcerting depending on who you ask)
Deathmatches allow GTA 5 players to pit their weaponry skills and reactions against one another in scored combat and they’re much more elaborate than GTA IV.
Your chance of victory increases exponentially if you have a high rank because you can avail of weapons that are more destructive and hold more ammunition.
Other players will be unable to see you on the map if you tread quietly, and if you’re too noisy you leave yourself exposed to your opponents as they will be able to creep up on you.
The enjoyment of the death match is highly contingent on the location of it, which the host can specify, of course.
Ranking points are also rationed based on your performance in the death match, with kills to death ratio being paramount.




Racing: Racing is definitely the quickest way of accumulating ranking points, and it’s a lot of fun too.
The races are highly customisable with a multitude of options including race type which can be Standard, rally mode (in which your partner has to direct you to the checkpoints) and GTA (which enables weapons and rockets). Similar to death matches the enjoyment of races is dependent on the location and journey.
One annoyance though is users who are out of the race early due to negligence often have a propensity to drive in the other direction and obstruct the leaders of the race which spoils it. Hopefully rockstar implement a feature where we can report these people for their insolent behaviour.

Missions: Missions are a joy, especially when you’re forced to collaborate with the other players. For instance in one mission I had to land a plane but the runway had a deluge of enemies occupying it, so my partner parachuted out and eradicated them so I could then land on the runway. This mission would have been near impossible to complete without team play because the enemies would have just obliterated the plane. I can’t emphasise this enough: The collaboration is just so gratifying, and it makes completing the mission all the more enjoyable.
Despite this, missions can get a bit mundane, and hopefully in the coming months we’ll see much more intricate missions introduced.




Free Roam: In Single Player free roam got boring fast, but that isn’t the case in Online.
You could spend hours in free roam with other users conjuring up something fun.
It’s unfettered, so that opens up a bunch of theoretical possibilities and a quick glance at Youtube will boggle your mind.
Gallivanting has never been so fun, and for me it’s inconceivable that I’ll be left bored in a session when maximum number of users are present.
While unfettered in possibilities, sadly it’s not in number of users. 32 was the supposed number for months, but sadly it was limited to sixteen.
Thirty-Two would augment the quality of the experience markedly.

Rockstar promises: Rockstar have announced they’re going to release new DLC content to GTA users starting next week, with a beach bum pack which included new vehicles, weapons, and attire. Heists are also expected to be released in the near future, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say it may just be the most enjoyable aspect of the game.

We’ve only seen a glimpse of what this game can do, and I can’t convey enough how excited I am to see where this game is in a year from now.
The possibilities are limitless and we’re on the precipice of something unfathomable.
GTA Online isn’t immaculate, but it’s laid the foundation for something remarkable.
You have a feeling Rockstar are just getting started.