Movies And Allegories (Contains Some Spoilers)


Disney’s new movie Frozen has opened to rave reviews from prominent movie critics and has broken a number of records in animation but not everyone is amused.
Not for the first time, Christian conservatives are chastising Disney for their ostensible promotion of a “liberal agenda” and in their eyes an indoctrination of pliable children.
However, this grouch just further illuminates their sheer hypocrisy and how out of touch they are with an increasingly liberal society.

Their argument is premised on the notion Disney is advancing a gay agenda, by wilfully creating a metaphorical storyline which pertains to the societal acceptance of homosexuality. Is there any credence to their belief that the subtext contains overtones suggestive of homsexuality? Absolutely, but the subtext isn’t exclusive to homosexuality but encompasses all who fall under the category of LGBTQ. But because of Christians’ eerie preoccupation with homosexuality they think it’s solely evocative of the plight of homosexuals.

Of course one could interpret Elsa’s magical power as a metaphor for homosexuality considering the context: It’s explicitly specified she was born this way, not cursed. She is ostracised by her peers, not too dissimilar to society’s demonisation of homosexuals. Her parents exhort her to conceal it; their mantra becomes “conceal, don’t feel”, and this repression of her inherent character leads to feelings of inferiority and despondency. Elsa eventually defies the forces repressing her, vanquishing her feelings of inferiority, and fully embraces who she is in the ballad “let it go”. It conveys that Elsa isn’t the problem, but societal oppression of her is. Clearly one could make the interpretation that this is an allegory for LGBTQ acceptance. It unsurprisingly resonates with LGBTQ people.

What’s inevitable is Conservatives’ reactionary drivel to anything they regard as contrary to their cherished values. Conservatives don’t display any fury or hysteria when movies or shows brazenly propagate and perpetuate their ideals like military fetishism, Christian values, patriotic obsession or the romanticisation of guns. But God forbid Disney have the audacity to subtly encourage tolerance and love towards those oppressed; tolerance and acceptance aren’t exactly nefarious notions after all.

There is nothing sinister about using an art form like film to impart virtues such as tolerance and love onto children, most of the population tends to have an affinity to film, so it will always present an opportunity to bestow qualities onto the public. Movies will remain an effective and potent allegorical method; conservatives do not have exclusivity to it.

If anything their whinge is indicative of the paradigm shift in society over the last decade, as their credibility continues to wane their bigotry will only intensify, unwittingly alienating themselves to the vast majority;
Meanwhile, equality will be busy flourishing.