The Tiger bites back


Three years ago Tiger Woods hit rock bottom in his career. One of his most egregious performances in his history: He posted his worst week as pro and to compound his misery it came at one of his happy hunting grounds Firestone and into an abyss he went. He had to endure much derision and contemptuous remarks. The media sensed a fragile player and they went for the kill and the Tiger languished in despondency.
The jokes, the mockery continued for another half a year. Tiger was the butt of every joke, and couldn’t go a minute without the media reminding him of his failings as a husband and as a golfer. Indeed, many of the media considered Tiger defeated & mere mortals would have considered such mental torment insuperable.

But not Tiger Woods: Even though many of his vociferous critics warned him the hole was too deep, he refused to succumb to their derision and slowly began arduously digging himself up from a seemingly impossible predicament. He trusted his intuition and hired Sean Foley a fairly unknown and eccentric character, and they have received a copious amount of admonishment over the last two years especially from Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee who was notable for his remark that Tiger should sack Foley and hire Butch Harmon (this in May 2012). But they remained resolute and continued to persevere. They had a visceral belief that their methods were conducive to success, and that Tiger just needed the extra reps. Many dimissed this notion and claimed Tiger’s dominant days were over including Nick Faldo. It wasn’t just his game they were questioning, no. Faldo had the nerve to claim Tiger had become a mentally weak golfer, and proclaimed that the “Tiger era was over”
Then when Rory Mcilroy had an impressive spell last September the media involuntarily anointed Rory as the new king of golf. We got asinine remarks from Greg Norman claiming Rory was intimidating Tiger. The media claimed Rory was dominating like the Tiger of 2000 etc

But in astonishing fashion Tiger has falsified those inane theories: He’s accumulated 5 victories in 2013, including a momentous win at a course where many of these analysts claimed his game wasn’t suited to. He’s once again the indisputable best golfer in the world, and he continues to separate himself from the pack in the world rankings.
And it’s just not on the course where he is excelling, he’s found genuine happiness off the course with Lindsey Vonn and their relationship has probably been very beneficial to his game.
Now sure you can tell me he hasn’t won a major, but I think it’s very conspicuous just how much he’s progressing, and at the rate he’s progressing any rational person would infer the major is imminent. And when that elusive 15th does arrive, don’t be surprised if 16 & 17 follow soon after.

The deplorable media attempted to slay the Tiger, but they forgot Tigers aren’t exactly mentally weak creatures and this Tiger is biting back in ferocious style!